It feels like home

It is mainly during the summer period they appear, the street musicians. On the streets around our cities, they choose a location, place a hat in front of themselves and start playing. It is the variety of tones, playing styles and cultural backgrounds that make street performers something special. The goal of #musicstreet 2013 was to highlight talented street musicians in Gothenburg.

Our idea was to let the people behind the instruments control the sound of a brand new song, written specifically for the purpose. To get to know the musicians, we recorded interviews, music and meet-ups. We created a musicvideo, a music single, events and a short documentary.

How did we do the recordings?

With a mobile recording studio and a team of talented people we collaborated with musicians all around the city of Gothenburg. While they choosed the locations of the recordings we carried around the equipment rigging up the studios while filming the whole process.

Who did we meet?

All trough a number of ten musicians participated in the song in various ways. Everyone signified by their own reasons for playing, backgrounds and talents with their own instruments. All the people are portrayed on this page so make sure you check them out.

What happened behind the scenes?

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While recording the music video our team also took the opportunity to record a behind the scenes documentary. Meet the people participating and hear their heartwarming stories here.

Awarded at the Faktum gala 2014

We are very proud to announce that #musicstreet won a price at Faktumgalan 2014 in the category ”This years street musician”. We want to thank all our supporters who have made it possible to bring our team and musicians to the event!

The award-winning result!

Listen to the song

Make sure to listen in to the song and the great lounge mix made by the music collective I was expecting donuts on Spotify.

Do you want us to tell you more?

There are tons of stories, insights and pointers that we would like to share. We have done a number of talks and workshops about the adventures days and there are a number of possibilities to look into. Check out the more about this here.

The project was possible thanks to



A special thanks to Scandic SwaniaMagic bruschSpråkbussen, Erik and Lundbergs who made this possible for us to bring the team and musicians to Faktum galan 2014.